Vintage Kitchen Preserves

14 March, Speaker: Sue Gersden

An insight into this well known and loved local brand: Sue Gerdsen runs Vintage Kitchen Preserves from her kitchen in Long Gully, where a large amount of her stock is made from food that would otherwise go to waste.

“I get any ugly fruit that I can find it, whether it be at a shop or whether it be on a nature strip, or in somebody’s backyard,” she says.

“Then I go ahead and I cook something out of it and make some beautiful products.”

Ms Gerdsen says people often view discarded or imperfect fruit and vegetables as waste.

“It’s far from wasted,” she says. “Many things can come out of something that looks ugly”

She encourages locals to enjoy the produce of the region.

Sue is passionate about minimising food waste and making delicious sauces and jams.