“Tuesday Talks”

Please note that “Tuesday Talks” now start at 9.30am.

Waste: Sort it Out, Before you Throw It Out
Tuesday 8 February at 9.30am, Room 1, St Mary’s

Presenter: Paul Macdonald, CoGB Education Officer

Paul will review what waste goes into what bin (recycling, organics, and general waste), making sure we have an understanding about what is recyclable and what is not, plus what happens to the materials in the recycle bin and how our organic materials can be turned into compost for our gardens.
The aim is to reduce the waste going into our landfill. He’ll also update us on the issue of standardising waste disposal rules across municipalities.

Please enrol on U-MAS, or ask the office to arrange your registration.

Chinese Cultural Evolution – Tuesday 1 February

Leigh McKinnon (Golden Dragon Museum) talked to us about the Chinese Cultural Evolution – Chinese traditions and their adaptions in Bendigo since the Gold Rush.

Last weeks’ Talk on the Chinese Cultural Evolution was well attended. At the start of the Year of the Water Tiger 2022, is known as the year of the Water Tiger in the Chinese Lunar calendar, which actually starts officially on Thursday (Feb 4) with the marking of lap chun (beginning of spring). The Water element comes from the heavenly stem of the Chinese astrology chart for the year, which accompanies the Tiger zodiac.