Every year we aim to meet our members’ needs by providing Training of some sort or another. If you or your group has a need please let us know.

UMAS Workshop for Members

These workshops involve participants in using their own devices to access UMAS. If you would like to understand how UMAS works or improve your ability to enrol in Activities etc then please contact the UMAS Helpdesk to see what options are available for you.

UMAS Refresher Course for Office Volunteers


Introduction to the UFO

The UFO (U3A-Bendigo File Organiser) is a file server that sits in the office. CoM members have expressed a need to find out more about it and the value of having this system. A workshop was held in November to upskill all interested CoM members.

Getting to know U-MAS

This is an on-going offering. U3A Bendigo offers assistance to Members so they can get the most out of our membership management system, U-MAS. The system is constantly being developed and upgraded. If you require help with U-MAS, or have questions please contact us at The Technology HelpDesk.


During 2021 we offered Members the following:

Linking QR Codes with Vaccination Status

U3A Bendigo offered assistance to members to Link their Medicare account with the Victorian QR Codes, through your MyGov account. There are several steps to doing this.

Sending Bulk Emails

On Thursday 28 October 5 members of the Activities Team were trained in using a software package to send out Bulk Emails from the office. These emails are sent to very large groups of people. eg BUZZ Notifications, Snap News and Covid information.

Emergency Response & Defibrillator Use

On Wednesday 14 July, Ambulance Victoria updated and gave instruction on immediate response to collapse. There was also an update on how to use the defibrillator we have at St Mary’s.