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Covid Update

We hope you enjoy reading our U3A Bendigo Prospectus and can find the activities best suited to you. Some groups have decided to run sessions in their homes, or other premises, while some are happy to use Room 1 and 2, or the Hall. Please enrol as early as possible as some Activities will fill quickly. For some Activities you may be put on a wait-list. Please contact the Convenor for more information.
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As we age keeping healthy, active and connected is important, and particularly as we all learn to live with COVID. This is why we have developed some COVID-Safe documents, available on the website and the office, to assist users of St Mary’s and other venues. U3A Bendigo recognises that members may be feeling anxious, lonely and missing social contact, so we support activities that give members a balanced, wide range of physical, mentally challenging and social things to do. Due to the commitment of dedicated Convenors we’re proud to offer activities to do just that.

You will notice that there is no list of Convenors included in the Prospectus this year. This is deliberate as we are no longer sharing Convenor’s personal contact information. The information is too easy to steal.
When you use UMAS for Members, you are required to Login and use your personal password. Once this has been done, Activity and Contact information will be available to you, in a safe, online environment.

As a Member you can contact the Convenor of a group and access their contact details. Please contact us on 0490 858 469 or email us at if you have any questions.