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 205EXE5   Tai Chi - introduction    KFH1    Alison Oppermann   07/02/2020  Fri   9:30   WklyF  
 205GAM1   Cryptic Crosswords for Beginners    KFR2    Alison Ross   06/01/2020  Mon   10:30   WklyM  
 203EXE1   Table Tennis    ETTC1    Anne Cooper   13/01/2020  Mon   9:00   WklyM  
 204EXE3   Table Tennis    ETTC1    Anne Cooper   15/01/2020  Wed   9:00   WklyW  
 204HEA5   Visiting Gardens & Growing Things    VLOD    Barbara Ritchie   14/02/2020  Fri   10:00   Wk24F  
 204LIT5   Chatterbooks    KFR2    Bobbie Ireland   07/02/2020  Fri   14:00   Wk1F  
 205LIT4   Poetry Appreciation    VLAB    Brenda Stevens-chambers   13/02/2020  Thu   14:00   Wk24Th  
 207EXE1   Water Aerobics    GWWC1    Bronwyn Dixon   03/02/2020  Mon   13:00   WklyM  
 201MUS3   Choir    KFH1    Carol Aylward   05/02/2020  Wed   13:30   Wk1235W  
 202MUS3   Choir    KFN1    Carol Aylward   22/01/2020  Wed   14:30   Wk4W  
 207GAM2   Mah Jong Group1    KFR2    Carolyn Smith   28/01/2020  Tue   9:00   WklyTu  
 2011GAM4   Mah Jong Group1.5    KFR2    Carolyn Smith   06/02/2020  Thu   9:00   Wk13Thu  
 203HEA2   Movie Morning    KFR2    Carolyn Smith   18/02/2020  Tue   12:30   Wk3Tu  
 202GAM1   Chess    KFR2    David Guymer   03/02/2020  Mon   14:30   WklyM  
 206EXE5   Walking Futsal Seniors (indoor soccer)    GSFC1    Don McArthur   07/02/2020  Fri   10:30   WklyF  
 209MUS4   Guitar Group    KFR2    Gary Clancy   24/01/2020  Fri   13:00   Wk2345F  
 206GAM4   Cryptic Crosswords    KFR2    Geoff Ireland   06/02/2020  Thu   12:00   WklyTh  
 201TEC4   Android Users    KFR1    Geoff Pelly   13/02/2020  Thu   14:00   Wk2Th  
 206SOC3  End-of-Year Concert 2020    KFC1    Ian Burdett   25/11/2020  Wed   13:00   Annual  
 205SOC2   Radio Players    KFR1    Ian Burdett   11/02/2020  Tue   13:30   Wk24Tu  
 206HEA2   Yoga - Tuesdays    KFH1    Isabel Truscott   04/02/2020  Tue   12:45   WklyTu  
 206WAL4   Walking for Fitness-Thursdays    VLOD    Jan Maling   23/01/2020  Thu   9:30   WklyTh  
 205MUS4   Music for Pleasure    KFR1    Jo Johnson   13/02/2020  Thu   10:00   Wk24Th  
 206LIT3   My Story - group2    KFR2    Jo Johnson   12/02/2020  Wed   10:00   Wk2W  
 202WAL4   Bush Walkers    VLOD    Jo Walter   23/01/2020  Thu   8:15   WklyTh  
 203GAM2   Cribbage    KFR2    John Lane   04/02/2020  Tue   13:15   Wk124Tu  
 204GAM2   Cribbage    KFR1    John Lane   28/01/2020  Tue   13:15   Wk3Tu  
 205ART5   Watercolour: Continuing the Journey    KFR2    John Lane   07/02/2020  Fri   9:30   Wk1F  
 203WAL4   Bush Wanderers    VLOD    John McCallum   23/01/2020  Thu   8:30   WklyTh  
 206ART5   Watercolour for Beginners    KFR2    Judy McGrath   07/02/2020  Fri   11:30   Wk1F  
 201WALC  Bush Walking Camp    VLOD    Julie Harris   12/10/2020  Mon   12:00   One off  
 207MUS1   Recorder Playing for Beginners    KFR2    Leo Overberg   03/02/2020  Mon   9:30   WklyM  
 205LAN3   Spanish Conversation    KFR1    Leonie Lewington   05/02/2020  Wed   14:00   WklyW  
 201WAL4   Bush Hikers    VLOD    Liz Findlay   23/01/2020  Thu   8:30   WklyTh  
 206MUS5   Musical Instruments Group    KFR1    Lorene Gottschalk   07/02/2020  Fri   13:30   WklyF  
 201HEA5   A Meditation    KFR1    Lyn Goodall   17/01/2020  Fri   9:30   WklyF  
 209SOCB   Posted BUZZ $15 per year    KFH1    Lyn Goodall   23/01/2020  Thu   10:00   Monthly  
 201VOL1   Volunteering - General    VLKF    Lyn Goodall   22/01/2020  Wed   9:30   None  
 203VOL3  Volunteers - Convenors Meeting - 3    KFH1    Lyn Goodall   28/10/2020  Wed   9:30   One off  
 204WAL1   Walking for Fitness-Mondays-slow pace    VLOD    Maria Thompson   27/01/2020  Mon   9:30   WklyM  
 201LIT4   Book Chat    KFR2    Mary Tuohey   23/01/2020  Thu   10:00   Wk4Th  
 202LIT4   Book Club - RUGS    KFR2    Mary Tuohey   13/02/2020  Thu   10:00   Wk2Th  
 204MUS2   Good Vibrations 2 Popular 20thCent Music    KFR1    Mary Tuohey   04/02/2020  Tue   14:30   Wk1Tu  
 203SOC4   Thursday Lunch Club    VLVV    Maureen Smith   06/02/2020  Thu   12:00   Wk1Th  
 203LIT4   Bookworms    KFR2    Megan Mccallum   20/02/2020  Thu   14:00   Wk3Th  
 202TEC4   Apple iPad and iPhone users    KFR1    Michael Gallagher   06/02/2020  Thu   12:00   Wk1Th  
 203TEC4   Apple-Mac Users    KFR1    Michael Gallagher   06/02/2020  Thu   14:00   Wk1Th  
 204TEC1   Coding & Mechatronics    KFR1    Michael Gallagher   10/02/2020  Mon   10:00   Wk24M  
 209TEC4   Technology Support Team Meetings    KFR1    Michael Gallagher   20/02/2020  Thu   16:00   Wk3Th  
 206TEC4   Windows Computer Users    KFR1    Michael Gallagher   20/02/2020  Thu   14:00   Wk3Th  
 209GAM4   Pandi Games    CONV1    Nola McIvor   30/01/2020  Thu   14:00   Wk13Thu  
 201GAM4   Bridge    BRV1    None   06/02/2020  Thu   13:00   WklyTh  
 203ART2   Embroidery/Tapestry and Knitted Squares    BRV1    Pat Campbell   04/02/2020  Tue   14:00   WklyTu  
 208SOCW   A Social Group for Singles    VLVV    Pat Friswell   12/01/2020  Sun   19:00   Monthly  
 208GAM2   Mah Jong Group2    BRV1    Phyl Reid   28/01/2020  Tue   9:00   WklyTu  
 207TEC4   Digital Photo Editing and Display    KFR1    Robin Bland   27/02/2020  Thu   14:00   Wk4Th  
 201SOC1   Discussion Group    KFR1    Sally Van Gent   03/02/2020  Mon   13:15   WklyM  
 205LIT3   My Story - group1    KFR2    Sue Fraser   05/02/2020  Wed   10:00   WklyW  
 208MUS3   Ukulele - wkly group session    KFH1    Sue Tapp   05/02/2020  Wed   15:00   WklyW  
 2010MUS3   Ukulele-Weekly Advanced Group    KFR2    Sue Tapp   05/02/2020  Wed   15:00   WklyW  
 202HEA2   Health and Wellbeing    KFR1    Susan Korecki   18/02/2020  Tue   11:30   Wk3Tu  
 205WAL1   Walking for Fitness-Mondays-brisk pace    VLOD    Tricia King   27/01/2020  Mon   8:30   WklyM  
 202ART3   Art Gallery Group    AGG1    Val Wellings   15/01/2020  Wed   10:00   Wk3W  
 201ART1   Art Group    BRV1    Val Wellings   20/01/2020  Mon   9:30   WklyM  
 202LAN1   French (Elementary Group A)    KFR2    Victoria Fyffe   03/02/2020  Mon   12:00   WklyM  
 204LAN3   French (advanced)    KFR1    Yvonne Bahen   05/02/2020  Wed   12:45   WklyW  
 203LAN3   French Conversation (intermediate)    KFR1    Yvonne Bahen   05/02/2020  Wed   10:00   WklyW  
 2011MUS3   Beginner Guitar Singalong    KFR1    Yvonne Scouller   08/04/2020  Wed   12:15   Wk2W