Enrolment Day Modifications:

Our Enrolment Day was to have been held on Thursday 27 January, but this process has now been changed to mitigate the risks associated with having so many members in the Hall at St Mary’s at any one time. We apologise for any inconvenience however our members’ safety is of paramount importance to us.

You will have undoutedly received an email from our President on behalf of your Committee of Management:

The Committee of Management held an Emergency Committee Meeting on Monday, 10 January, to discuss options for modifying membership renewal and enrolment procedures for 2022. 

Out of a duty of care for members, the Committee agreed it would not be prudent to proceed with Enrolment Day as planned, due to the veracity of the Omicron variant of COVID and the prospect that there could be well over 100 people in St Mary’s Hall on Enrolment Day.

Instead, renewing and new members will be asked to join online using U-MAS wherever possible.  An online HelpDesk is available to you to assist you with this, if you need. Email techgroup@u3abendigo.com for technology based questions. All other queries should be directed to activities@u3abendigo.com

Please note the following changes:
U-MAS will now be open from 10:00 am on Thursday, 20 January – one week earlier – to allow members to renew their membership and to self-enrol in Activities.
– Convenors will not need to attend Enrolment Day.
– Enrolment Day will still go ahead on 27 January for new and renewing members who are unable to self-enrol online. A limited number of volunteers will be available to help with enrolment.
– Anyone attending Enrolment Day in person will need to be double-vaccinated and move through the hall as quickly as possible. There will be a limit on the number of people who can be in the hall at any one time. COVID Marshalls will monitor this.
– Masks must be worn indoors at all times, to protect everyone.
– Sanitiser will be available, so please use this.
– If you have been unable to pick up your badge, it will remain at St Mary’s for you to collect when possible.

Please email techgroup@u3abendigo.com for assistance with any issues using U-MAS. All other queries should be emailed to activities@u3abendigp.com.

The Committee is requesting all Convenors who have contact lists to email their groups and advise members of the modified arrangements for membership renewal and enrolment for 2022 activities. A bulk email was sent out Monday, 10 January to all members with an active email address to advise them of the modified arrangements, however from past experience we know only about half will open the email, so Convenors help is needed to spread the word.

To assist in drafting an email, please feel free to use the following words. You may also include specific information relating to your activity.
Warm greetings (your group) members – past, present and future. The U3A Bendigo Committee of Management met on Monday, 10 January to discuss the upcoming enrolment and membership renewal day which is scheduled for Thursday, 27 January. The Committee felt that it had a Duty of Care to U3A Bendigo members regarding the current surge in Omicron Covid-19 cases and wanted to reduce any anxiety about potential exposure to Covid-19 members may hold in attending Enrolment Day. 
The Committee resolved to open up and actively promote online membership payments and enrolment processes from 10 am on Thursday, 20 January, so that there is no need for members to attend personally on Enrolment Day. Please follow the guidelines below for help on how to pay your U3A Bendigo membership using U-MAS.

1. Open the U3A Bendigo website www.u3abendigo.com and either Login as an existing member using your password, or Join if a new member.
2. New members please complete all details, create a Password and Submit Application Form.
3. Click Activities on the left-hand menu, select Activity of interest and click for more information. Click “Add to Cart” button to enrol in Activity.
4. Click Cart, review choices and delete if necessary. Please only enrol in Activities you know you’ll attend and Click Checkout.
5. Please ensure you read the Terms And Conditions and Click to accept them.
6. Check your Invoice is correct and you can see your Subscription payment and the Activities you have enrolled in. 
7. Choose your online method of payment, your PayPal Account OR Credit or Debit Card 
8. Follow the on-screen instructions during payment and you are advised to download a copy of your Invoice for your own purposes.
9. For other methods of payment see Document “2022 Membership Fees And How To Pay” on the website.  It’s found under the About Us drop-down menu heading. If you choose any of these other methods, it means printing off a Membership form and Enrolment form, also located under the About Us heading, and filling out these forms manually, and then submitting these forms either electronically or in-person to the office with evidence that you have paid by EFT, or enclose a cheque, or pay by cash.
10. Online help is available by emailing techgroup@u3abendigo.com for assistance with any issues using U-MAS. All other queries should be emailed to activities@u3abendigp.com

Office hours from February 2022 are Tuesday and Friday mornings 9.30 am to noon.

Best wishes
(Your Name)

Convenors please note:The Convenors’ Meeting is still on Thursday, 20 January from 10:00 am until 12 noon at St Mary’s Hall in Kangaroo Flat. While it is not compulsory for you to attend, we are encouraging Convenors to come along as this get-together will be an opportunity to mingle at morning tea and welcome new Convenors and Co-Convenors, catch up with other Convenors and Members of the Committee of Management, and address queries you might have about convening your activity in the coming year. If you have not yet responded, please let us know if you are coming by 17 January to assist with catering – email activities@u3abendigo.com

Please check out the revised and updated 2022 Convenors’ Handbook at https://u3abendigo.com/wpress/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/10-2022-Convenors-Handbook-V3.0.pdf before the Convenors’ Meeting and bring along your welcome feedback.
We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, 20 January at 10am.

Activities TeamU3A Bendigo
Change of details for Enrolment Day

We trust that most existing members will be able to Login, select an Activity online and make payment all online. For those needing to attend Enrolment Day, you will be pleasantly welcomed at the Church’s rear door by our COVID-Marshalls who will assist you and point you in the right direction, to either Join U3A Bendigo, or rejoin as a valued member.

Hopefully you will have been able to visit our website to download an Application Form and the Enrolment Form. If not, then please take the Forms provided for you on the day, and complete them in the Narthex. These Forms ideally need to have been completed if you can, by the time you enter the Hall. The completed Enrolment Form shows us what you want to enrol in.

This year CoM have decided to limit how many Activities members can enrol in, until the end of February, to 8. Please checkout our Prospectus on the website to choose what you would like to enrol in. From March members will be able to enrol in as many Activities as they want, if there are vacancies. If you have been put on a Wait-List, you might like to contact the Convenor for more information.

Please be aware that our “Tuesday Talks” are being planned as we speak. These talks cover a whole range of topics and the dates are filling up fast. If you have ideas about what you’d like to hear please contact the Convenor.

If you have enrolled in an Activity and then find you cannot or don’t want to attend anymore, please contact the Convenor or the office so you can be taken off the List and make way for other members. If you are only going to be unable to attend for a short time, please use the Absence Module to alert the Convenor to your Absence and the dates.

This year for the first time members will be able to pay Subscriptions via PayPal if they have an account. PayPal is integrated with U-MAS and this means that payments will go straight through when the database is opened up again on 20 January. It would therefore be possible after the database is opened up again, for members to enrol in Activities and pay Subscriptions, all online.

Our Treasurer has developed a How to Pay Using U-MAS document to be found on the Forms page on our website. Members can pay by Credit/Debit Card, PayPal if you have an account, Cheque or Cash. U3A Bendigo Bank details are on the website.

If you are experiencing a problem with U-MAS or making online payments, please email us.

Above all else, please keep safe and happy and we look forward to seeing you in 2022 !