Enrolment Day Modifications:

Renewing and new members will be asked to join online using U-MAS wherever possible. 

An online HelpDesk is available to assist you with this, if you need. Email techgroup@u3abendigo.com for technology based questions. All other queries should be directed to activities@u3abendigo.com

Please note the following changes:
U-MAS will now be open from 10:00 am on Thursday, 20 January – one week earlier – to allow members to renew their membership and to self-enrol in Activities.
– Convenors will not need to attend Enrolment Day.
– Enrolment Day will still go ahead on 27 January mostly for new and renewing members who are unable to self-enrol online. A limited number of volunteers will be available to help with enrolment.
– Anyone attending Enrolment Day in person will need to be double-vaccinated, wear a mask, use hand sanitiser, socially distance and move through the hall as quickly as possible. There will be a limit on the number of people who can be in the hall at any one time. COVID Marshalls will monitor this.
– Masks must be worn indoors at all times, to protect everyone.
– Sanitiser will be available, so please use this.
– If you have been unable to pick up your badge, it will remain at St Mary’s for you to collect when possible.

Please email techgroup@u3abendigo.com for assistance with any issues using U-MAS. All other queries should be emailed to activities@u3abendigp.com.

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