COVID-19 Update & Protocols

With a rise in cases of Covid reported in Victoria, the following Protocols have been put in place for your protection. Full Update.

The AGM will be subject to the following Protocols:
The room will not have any face-to-face tabled seating.
There will be as much ventilation as we can muster depending on weather eg opening doors to outside for 10 mins every hour etc.  Having the split systems on full bore just circulates current air in room.  We need fresh air in.
Complimentary face masks will be provided for those that want them, not mandatory but encouraged.

COVID-19 Chief Health Officer Update, Date issued: 11 April 2023.

If you don’t get COVID, you can’t spread COVID. These 6 steps can help you stay ahead:

  1. Wear a mask: a high-quality and well-fitted mask can protect you and others from the virus
  2. Get your 2023 booster: new bivalent vaccines targeting Omicron variants are available at your GP or local pharmacy. To find out if you’re eligible for your next booster, visit the Coronavirus website
  3. Let fresh air in: open windows and doors when you can, it reduces the spread of the virus
  4. Get tested: if you have symptoms, take a rapid antigen test
  5. Stay at home: if you have COVID, you should stay at home for at least five days and until you have no symptoms
  6. Talk to your doctor: if you are at risk of falling very sick, you may be eligible for COVID medicines