Convenors Information

We appreciate you giving your time in volunteering to help our members enjoy learning, or being active in retirement. The Convenors’ Handbook and other documents have been developed to support you in leading your activity. Please find all related documents on the Members & Convenors drop down Menu.

Role, Responsibilities & Convenor Rights

Our Convenors lead, instruct, or facilitate activities, while a Co-Convenor, where appointed, assists in managing a group and leads the group when the Convenor is absent.

Convenors are responsible for:

• Providing a description of their activity for inclusion in the U3A Membership Management System (UMAS), the Prospectus and the BUZZ Newsletter

• Organising activities within the advertised program

• Maintaining attendance records for their group

• Following U3A protocols on confidentiality and privacy

• Advising Member Services of issues as they arise

• Being aware of health and safety concerns that might affect their activity

• Being familiar with evacuation and emergency procedures of the venue or space they are using

• Managing and mitigating risks associated with their activity, particularly outdoor activities

• Being aware of U3A Bendigo Policies, Procedures, Terms & Conditions, Copyright, and Grievance measures, and being able to access them via the U3A Bendigo website or the office

• Being reliable, accountable and committed to the aims of U3A Bendigo

• Treating all members with respect at all times

U3A Bendigo supports and respects the rights of Convenors by providing:

• Comfortable, modern facilities

• Easily accessible reporting procedures, such as a variety of forms to assist with attendance, incident reporting and new and changed activity requests

• Reimbursement of appropriate activity-associated expenses

• Opportunities at regular Convenors’ Meetings to give feedback on matters of concern

• Access to Policies, Procedures, Handbooks and Instruction Manuals

•Assistance in their role as a Convenor

Convenors are encouraged to contact Member Services for help needed to carry out their role by email to or phone 0490 858 469

We hope you’re enjoying being part of the team that makes it possible to deliver U3A Bendigo’s rich and varied range of activities. To assist you, please see below for Office open times and contact information.

Office Hours

The U3A office is open on Tuesday from 9.30am-3pm & Friday mornings from 9:30 am-12:00 pm.

Postal Address:U3A Office & Rooms
U3A BendigoSt Mary’s Anglican Church
PO Box 1110Cnr Church & Bank St, Kangaroo Flat
BENDIGO 3555Enter via carpark off Church Street

Contact Member Services by email at or phone 0490 858 469