Convenors’ Information

Convenors Meeting – 23 June 2021:

The Convenors Meeting 2, June 23, will commence at 11:30, light lunch provided subject to restrictions.  
Please can Convenors enrol on U-MAS for the Convenors’ Meeting 2
if you want lunch.

The Agenda will include:

the Convenor Feedback Survey with the opportunity to discuss the results

an update on matters such as COVID restrictions

wearing name badges

reminding Convenors to let their groups and the office know, if there are any changes to their activity, 

reminding Convenors that their Attendance Sheets need to be kept up-to-date and handed into the office by 30 June. This complies not only with U3A Bendigo Policy, the contract we have with St Mary’s, and also with Victoria’s restrictions

if a venue,other than St Mary’s is being used for an activity, Convenors need to comply with that venue’s COVID-Rules and restrictions

Please remember that whilst we will carry out the meeting face to face, we are also aiming to use ZOOM. If you would like to use this technology, please contact David and we will create an invitation for you to attend.

After the Convenors’ Meeting we would love to have you stay on for the Social Gathering which is on the same day at 2pm until 4pm. Please remember the change of time. We are aiming to provide you with a relaxed afternoon, with guest speakers or entertainment of some kind, and some fun along the way.

Masks and Physical Distancing

Restrictions mean that we need to ask members to please wear masks indoors, unless there’s an exemption,
also to please physical distance yourselves.