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Convenors please note:

The Convenors’ Meeting is still on Thursday, 20 January from 10:00 am until 12 noon at St Mary’s Hall in Kangaroo Flat. While it is not compulsory for you to attend, we are encouraging Convenors to come along as this get-together will be an opportunity to mingle at morning tea and welcome new Convenors and Co-Convenors, catch up with other Convenors and Members of the Committee of Management, and address queries you might have about convening your activity in the coming year.

If you have not yet responded, please let us know if you are coming by 17 January to assist with any catering – email

Please check out the revised and updated 2022 Convenors’ Handbook at before the Convenors’ Meeting and bring along your welcome feedback.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, 20 January at 10am.

Activities TeamU3A Bendigo


From the Emergency Response Report

Seventeen Convenors attended the Lodden Mallee Region Ambulance Victoria Emergency Response session in Room 1 on 14th July 2021. Questions were responded to and feedback was, even from those well versed in CPR. It was particularly helpful to practice chest compressions and  surprising to many how much physical energy it required.

Bendigo U3A is now registered with LM Ambulance Victoria and our defibrillator will show on GoodSam website for First Responders. All town defibrillators within 4 metres will show on this website and in the bush those within 4 km. It is recommended to download this website not only for  U3A but friends, family and the wider community. You just never know!

It also has a metronome to help accurate timing of cardiac compressions.

The recommended response for a Cardiac Arrest was demonstrated. 

Note- the defibrillator will not activate if the “patient’s” condition does not call for that intervention. That was a relief to know.

Briefly our response to an unconscious person who is not breathing is :-

D – check for danger to self

R–  check response to voice/ pain (press base of neck over shoulder – it hurts!)

       There will be no chest movement  when you place your hand on the chest. Then…

                  CALL                               PUSH                            SHOCK

Call 000 – you will be guided how to proceed

Push – Start Compressions. Two hands in an adult on the sternum between nipple line (or the lower third of the sternum). Press down 5cm or 1/3 of the depth of the chest. It may break a rib but hey…it is better to be alive with a broken rib than you-know-what!

Shock- open the defibrillator as soon as you can. You will receive instructions from the machine. Remove the plastic from the pads and apply where indicated. You may need to use the scissors if there is too much chest hair for accurate electrical connection.

You may need to give 4 or 5 shocks. The machine analyses each 2 minutes. Don’t panic during this time  – just keep doing cardiac compressions leaving the pads on.

Thanks to those who responded to this session. I believe it is very important to feel comfortable if we are ever called upon to respond to an emergency. 

We hope to run another session early in 2022. Please let me know if you are interested in attending

                                                                                           Christine Haddrick

                                                                                              Health & Safety


Convenors Meeting – 23 June 2021:

This Convenors’ meeting was very well attended and informative but in case you were unable to be there, following are a few of the points raised on the day.

–  Attendance Sheets.  Please deliver or post these to the office at the end of each quarter – i.e. March, June, Sept and December – whether they are full or not.  Once we check these, Lex Milne collects them and compiles valuable statistics which COM uses for future planning.  Alternatively you can scan and email the forms to

–  Please encourage members in your group to wear their name badges.  These have important next of kin information on them, which may be important in the event of an accident or health emergency.

–  If you need to amend any details of your activity – e.g. time, venue, convenor, etc – please forward the details to  We will amend UMAS (which in turn amends the Prospectus) and we’ll also notify the BUZZ editor.  This will ensure that these all have the same information.  There are also two forms on the U3A website which can be used to record any amendments and then dropped in to the office.

–  Please ensure that all of your group’s participants are familiar with using the QR Code to check in to St Mary’s or have one of your group check them in.  It would be terrible if U3A and the member were to be fined for not complying with the government regulations.

–  A convenors questionnaire had been emailed to convenors, and hard copies were available for those who preferred them.  The responses are being summarised now, and the report will be emailed to all convenors and co-convenors.  Late responses are still welcome, and key suggestions will be reported, although they may not feature in the summary.
Thank you for your valuable contribution to U3A Bendigo.

All the best,Activities Coordination Team

Please remember that whilst we will carry out these meetings face to face, we’re also aiming to use ZOOM. If you would like to use this technology, please contact David and we will create an invitation for you to attend. It’s good to hear from those who have taken up this offer and found the experience to be well worth it.

After the Convenors’ Meetings we’d love to have you stay on for the Social Gathering which is on the same day at 2pm until 4pm. Please remember the change of time. We are aiming to provide you with a relaxed afternoon, with guest speakers or entertainment of some kind, and some fun along the way.

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