The purpose of U3A Bendigo is to provide learning opportunities and social and physical activities for older people, in a friendly and cooperative environment in which members are encouraged to assist with the running of U3A Bendigo and to be Convenors.

U3A Bendigo does this by providing activities including:
– social activities,
– physical activities for varying levels of fitness
– information and learning opportunities
– through our monthly social events
– skills development, including learning about computer/handheld devices

Committee Members

The Committee of Management (CoM) usually consists of 12 elected members, which includes 4/5 Executive members, elected at an Annual General Meeting, held during April each year.

Portfolios (Position Descriptions)

The Executive members are the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and Executive Officer, if one is appointed. Other members of the Committee of Management hold Portfolios such as Minutes Secretary, Activities Coordinator, Media and Network Liaison, Events Coordinator, Fundraising Officer, Publicity Officer, UMAS & Website Manager and Documentation Coordinator, Technology Support, Office/Archivist Manager and Newsletter (BUZZ) Editor.

We are also continuously looking for members to step up and Volunteer. There are many jobs and projects that we require assistance with each year.

There are also small sub-committees that are formed from time to time to look in more depth at particular aspects of what we do. These sub-committees perform valuable work and they meet to discuss all matters related to the sub-committee’s purpose. The majority of these sub-committees are short term.

They do not make decisions, rather they make recommendations to CoM at monthly CoM meetings, which either are adopted or required to be worked on a bit more. If you are interested in being more involved in the management of U3A Bendigo please email us or phone 0490 858 469.