The Annual General Meeting of U3A Bendigo Inc. will be held on Wednesday 26th April 2023 at St Mary’s Hall, corner of Church and Bank Streets, Kangaroo Flat, commencing at 2.00pm sharp. Please come along to this AGM so you can contribute to the continued development of our U3A.

Minutes from our 2022 Annual General Meeting.

Afternoon tea will be provided and this year we showcase and present for your enjoyment some of our U3A Bendigo Arts, Crafts and Literary Culture.


Order of proceedings:

  1. Welcome to members and acknowledgement of Dja Dja Warrung Country
  2. Attendance, recognition of proxies and acceptance of apologies.
  3. Confirmation and acceptance of minutes from the 2022 Annual General Meeting
  4. President Cheryl Hardie presents key points in the 2022 Annual Report
  5. Accept Financial statement for 2022 and preview the budget set for 2023.
  6. Accept a motion under Clause 12 of the Constitution of U3A Bendigo Incorporated, and as recommended by the Committee of Management, approve the annual membership subscription fee to join U3A Bendigo that will be due on 1st January 2024 and remain at $65 per person and $40 for an associate membership (associate membership means being a fully paid-up member of another U3A at point of joining).  It is recommended that pro rata fees for those joining after 1 July 2024 be $40 and for those joining after 1 October 2024 be $20.  An additional fee of $15 shall apply to those who wish to receive the BUZZ newsletter by post.
    1. We foreshadow that we will review these recommendations for 2024 in September/October and call a Special General Meeting if any subscription changes are warranted.
  7. Give notice that the Policy for Volunteer Accident and Sickness shall not continue after March 2024.  This is because the policy discriminates against members aged 75 and over which is approx. 50% of our membership.
  8. Recognition
    1. We recognise and express our appreciation of work done by members over many years.
  9. Election of Office Bearers: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer and ordinary members of the Committee of Management.
  10. A Word from the New President.
  11. Presentation of New committee.
  12. Close