“Tuesday Talks”

2023 Tuesday Talks will normally be individual topics, or a theme may be spread over several sessions.  The scheduled talks in 2023 start at 9.30am and normally end by 11-11.30am. 

Information on upcoming topics appears in The Buzz, and can also be found under Activities in U-MAS.
Suggestions and offers of topics are always welcome – please send to activities@u3abendigo.com, or contact the Coordinator, Jo Burgess.

Room 1, our usual venue, has limited space.  If the demand warrants it, we may be able to move to the Church, but we can’t do that at the last minute.  SO PLEASE:

  • Enrol on U-MAS for each “Tuesday Talk” you plan to attend; 
  • Do so as soon as you decide to participate; and
  • Un-enrol, or contact the office, if you change your mind.

If you have difficulty using U-MAS to enrol/un-enrol yourself, email the U-MAS Helpdesk or contact the Office. Many thanks Jo Burgess.  jobiemurch6@gmail.com