“Tuesday Talks”

COVID-allowing please note: “Tuesday Talks” will generally be scheduled on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month, starting at 10am, and will generally be held in Room 1.

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Previous “Tuesday Talk” ref the Flinders’ Quartet playing Beethoven’s Opus 131

Tuesday 26 October
Presenter: Marilyn Grossman (Thursday Yoga Group)
Yoga off the Mat

What do you picture when you hear the word Yoga?
This session will give you a brief introduction to some history on the philosophy of the vast topic of Yoga.

Tuesday 9 November:
Presenter: Anne Winckel (Author)
Time Poor, Soul Rich

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Tuesday 30 November
Presenter: Joy Roy
Witchcraft & Superstition

Witchcraft and Superstition were rife right across Scotland throughout the sixteenth, seventeenth and part of the eighteenth centuries.
All classes were involved, with no event in their lives from birth to death that would not be affected.
Sorcery and witchcraft, according to Scottish Law, were very serious crimes, and offenders were rigorously pursued and dealt with. Omens were seen in a myriad of coincidences, with charms used to ward off every form of evil.
These curious beliefs gave rise to a criminal code of great severity, leading to the punishment and death of many people who, by today’s standards, were innocent of any actual crime.

Presenter: Beverley Forsyth, Maldon Petanque Club
Petanque in Bendigo?

There are Petanque clubs in Woodend, Avoca, Maldon, and Nagambie – but none in Bendigo.  Beverley will describe the differences between Petanque, Bocce and Boules, and then go into more detail regarding Petanque itself. Participants can then try their hand at it in the St Mary’s grounds – a formal “piste” is not essential.
This session was originally scheduled for 8th June, but COVID restrictions meant it had to be rescheduled.
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