Social Gatherings

The health and safety of our members is paramount to us at U3A Bendigo, so please keep watching the notices here, as things can change quickly. We endeavour to make you aware of any changes as they happen.
To comply with caps on numbers, please enrol on U-MAS, contact the office, or phone 0490 858 469 to enrol for these fun, social meetings. Thank you for being a part of U3A Bendigo.

Social Gatherings During 2022

2 pm sharp, on Wednesdays, at St Mary’s, High Street Kangaroo Flat we will be meeting up again for some fun and social connections. We’d like to thank all members for making these Gatherings possible. and also to thank Barb Ritchie for her tireless work in making each one interesting for our members.

We trust you enjoyed these Gatherings during 2021 and if you have any suggestions as to what you would like to hear about or see in 2022, please contact us .

Your Committee throws open our doors each month to hold a Social Gathering just for you! We welcome you and hope you make the most of these Social Gatherings to relax and have fun! Also you get the chance to meet up with other members, Convenors and Committee Members too.
Tea – coffee and bickies are available.
Thank you for being a part of U3A Bendigo.

Please remember to enrol on U-MAS, to manage caps on numbers, and thank you for being a part of U3A Bendigo.