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If you have an ADSL Internet connection and your modem has Ethernet LAN ports or WiFi, you have the option of setting up a network of interconnected devices similar to that depicted above. At the U3A Bendigo Home Network Workshops, procedures for connecting a range of devices to a WiFi modem router: a digital TV, media players, PCs and Network Attached Storage units are demonstrated; the advantages obtained are detailed; the jargon is explained [see Glossary]; and participants learn how to gain similar connectivity in their homes.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own tablets, smart phones and portable PCs to the workshops to experience: connecting them to the demonstration network; sending photos, audio and video from them to a TV set via the network; and playing back photos, audio and video streamed from other devices on the network. They are encouraged to attempt to obtain similar connectivity at home and to discuss their network setup experiences during the sessions with a view to finding solutions to problems encountered.

A comprehensive set of course notes is available online: Home LAN Basics.pdf [a 3 Mb PDF file], along with other documents and workshop device manuals and the Home LAN Webpages. [see Index].

The workshops are held at St Mary’s Kangaroo Flat. They run for 8 weeks. Sessions are two hours in duration with a tea break. The number of participants is limited to eight. The workshops will be run a number of times in 2016. For details of the next course, email the convener, Michael Gallagher, via