Stream Cast Render Control

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These pages detail some of the media transfer and display options that are possibile on a home media network.

Some common words take on new meanings related to media transfer across a network: Serve, Stream, Cast, Render, Control.

Various factors have to be in place before transfers can occur. In particular, devices must be:

  • connected to the same network;
  • programmed to interconnect and exchange data;
  • programmed to play/display the required media file format;
  • registered to play purchased Digital Rights Management (DRM) protected files.

There are no universal media transfer and display standards. Click here for details of current options.

Home LAN The TV streams data
from a LAN or
Internet Server.
A LAN device
casts media data.
The TV renders it.
A LAN device sets
up a stream from
a Server to the TV.
A network device streams data
from a LAN or
Internet Server.
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